Thursday, August 4, 2011

My Drool of the Week 2

Ok, it's time to blow off some steam and just enjoy pretty things today. Last week's drool paid homage to horizontal paneling and how it can be used to add warmth, texture and depth to a space. Today's "Drool" serves the same purpose, and I love it when paired with the horizontal paneling. I'm talking about sea grass wallpaper. YES, I said it- WALLPAPER! After years staring at borders with bunny rabbits and floral wallpaper in my bedroom as a child, and then painstakingly helping my family strip it from their house some years back, one would assume that just mentioning the "W" word would send shivers down my spine. I will admit it took quite some time for me to overcome this fear, but wallpapers are actually making a comeback in mainstream design. As I have previously mentioned, I feel that very bold, graphic papers have their appropriate place in smaller, more tucked away rooms. However, one type of paper that I adore, and feel is neutral enough to use in main living areas, is grass cloth.
The use of grass cloth in this bedroom helps add some warmth without making the room too dark. Paneling on the bottom brightens up the room and is durable, grass cloth on the top is beautiful but not overwhelming.
Even your local hardware stores like Lowes carry an array of textured wallpapers!
A grey tone paper was used in this gorgeous dining room.
This den designed by Sarah Richardson is a part of her farmhouse renovation. SUPER DROOL!
Grass cloths also come in a variety of colors for those who are not shy about using bold colors. But keep in mind that a wallpaper is not as easy to change out, so make sure you are in for the long haul if you use a papered wallcovering.

 These particular papers have a metallic sheen, which can lend an air of sophistication and elegance to a room.

 Some grass cloths can have very thick, heavy lines, and some are very subtle.

No shortage of variety here! All of these gorgeous wallpapers are products of Phillip Jeffries. Sigh....someday, Laura....someday....

As with the horizontal paneling, grass cloth wallpapers are a big commitment, both budget wise and design wise. However, if you are looking for a way to add natural beauty and depth to your space, they may be a good fit for you! Just be sure to have plenty of bibs for your house guests. You won't want all that drool to ruin your hardwood.


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Jenny Williams said...

Love it! Laura, I need to make decisions about my walls, Nathan wants to and is willing to paint. I'm so torn about it all :(

I love the first photo- my drool is that sliding barn door :)