Saturday, July 30, 2011

Attack of the Family Photos

Since the birth if our daughter last July, our house has morphed into a Lola Jean showcase. She's everywhere! And she loves it- grinning and flirting with the pictures of herself in every room, as if to say, "You're so pretty...No, you're so pretty." D-I-V-A. We are so proud. Before Lola, we had a few tabletop pictures of Maddi and one or two wedding pictures on the wall. My, how things have changed!

Now we all know (I hope) that DEpersonalization is key when staging our home for sale, so I am well aware that I am digging myself into a deep hole every time I add another photo of our sweet Lola to the wall. But who can resist?!? Hopefully we can have our cake and eat it too with a little forethought and planning.

One largely popular trend right now in art displays is clustering frames together for a large scale impact. I love, love, love it! You can use this approach with photographs or any other framed art, or a combination of both! Here are some examples:
If you crave symmetry, stick with one style of frame like this pic from Having all of your images printed in black and white will also create a sense of uniformity.
Square frames are a nice variation, and are perfect for people who prefer perfectly symmetrical displays.

If you like a more eclectic feel, mixing different frames and even different kinds of art is A-okay! This display has photographs and other prints mixed together.
Anything goes! If you have an interesting collection of frames, let them stand alone as a piece of art! Painting them all one color makes the display feel like one large piece instead of individual pieces. This is a great way to get your "pop" of color in a room. Look for cool frames at yardsales. Even if they have a goofy print in them, they are usually cheap and you can replace/remove whatever art that was originally there. 
Note how all of the different frames are united by the linen colored mats and black and white images.
This fun, lighthearted room is a rebel! All of the bright colors in this display work because they are not competing with other patterns and colors in the room. Notice how neutral all of the other furnishings are. 

If you have the budget, and you do not trust yourself to piece together a collage from scratch, consider some of these options:
Reference a picture from Pottery Barn, go to their website at, and purchase all of the frames at one time. Perk: most of their frames have free shipping! Fool Proof!
The Picturewall Company sells frames in a kit, complete with hanging instructions and template! 
Here are some links to templates that will help you lay out your new wall collage:
There are great "Frame Cheat Sheets" at

Pottery Barn has great templates and even a video to help you create your very own memory wall.

 Ok, Great. Now we have a fabulous, personal, memorable display that eats up our entire entryway, and we have to sell our house. Thanks a lot, Laura. Don't blame me; you're the one who thinks everybody wants to see your children at 3,6,9,12 months on every wall in your house. =) Family photos have come a long way since the days of wicker chairs and hokey backdrops. Praise the Lord! For tips on how to tone down your 3 dimensional brag book aka your house, join me tomorrow and we will explore quick fixes for depersonalization.

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