Monday, October 17, 2011

Raised in a Barn? Yes, Please!

Anyone who frequents my home knows that we aren't exactly tea and crumpets kinda folks. Yes, I do like nice things, but I prefer to live in a home that is...well, livable! When I was younger, I used to think that someday I wanted a big fancy house with ornate chandeliers, richly painted faux plaster walls, and trimwork that would make a miter saw beg for mercy. Slowly but surely I THINK my taste has evolved into something that is not only more tangible, but also much more practical. Sigh...I guess that blows my chances of ever being on "The Real Housewives of Murfreesboro." I have been on the journey to find my style (both personal and for the home) for quite some time now, and here's what I have discovered: I will only buy clothes for myself at Ann Taylor Loft, and relaxed, cottage is how I want my home to feel. My latest obsession in home decor has been reclaimed wood and barn-like/industrial fixtures. Adding some elements that have a timeworn patina to a room makes it feel warm and prevents the space from feeling sterile and stagnant. It adds life to your home! So take a break from the norm, swim against the currant, and reach beyond the throw pillows to add style to your home. There's no denying that there are savings to be found at the large scale home improvement stores. However, I feel the best way to get what you want (or at least what works for me) is to balance saving with splurging. If you are picking out fixtures for a new house, budget just a little extra for specialty light fixtures and hardware. They are like the jewelry for your home. If you pick show stopper pieces for the permanent fixtures in your home, it will take your space to a whole new level of warmth, interest, and customization. Simply changing out a few light fixtures can take a home from builder grade to fabulous. When the bones of the room are amazing, everything else you layer in to the space will shine! And if you live in an older home, this can be the quickest face lift for an outdated space.

Today I want to highlight one of my new found favorite lighting sources: Barn Light Electric! Check them out at While this style may not be for everyone, I hope you can take the highpoints from today's post and tailor it to your specific taste! Barn Light Electric fits my style for sure! Here are just a few of the many things I love from Barn Light Electric:
I imagine these fixtures sprucing up a boring laundry room or mudroom. I love how they feel industrial but have a sweet, slightly feminine feel because of the scalloped edges. So fun!

These enamel coated pendant lights deliver direct lighting over a workspace. Perfect for a kitchen island or even over a crafting table! Plus they come in lots of fun colors!

Who wouldn't want these adorable gooseneck fixtures in their home?! Perfect for illuminating your front porch, back stoop, or bedside reading lights!    

At Barn Light Electric, you can even customize certain fixtures with different finishes, cording, and wire guards. I love me some options!

 Not feeling barnyard bold today? They have plenty of other styles to tickle your fancy! Check out their site for fixtures and hardware in Arts and Crafts style, Art Deco, and even vintage! Here are just a few examples:

I challenge you to change out one builder grade fixture in your home. See how different it makes the rooms feel. Then tell me if you can resist the urge to change out the rest of your fixtures. It is more contagious than cooties I tell ya!
Be sure to check out their online giveaway also!

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Jenny Williams said...

Laura, you are so great at this. Love the post :) Too bad you missed the giveaway, it would have been awesome to go on a shopping spree in their store!