Tuesday, November 15, 2011


A little mirror story for you today: I used to work at an elementary school where I had to supervise in the cafeteria during lunch. If a child went buck wild, we sent them to the silent lunch table. After a few parents complained of the harshness of this punishment, their suggestion was to call it the "Reflection Table" as opposed to the "Silent Lunch Table"- a place where they could reflect upon their poor behavior and think of ways to improve it....gag. Soooo just to reinforce the "Reflective" concept, I glued mirrors to the wall so the deviant little punks would have to stare at themselves in shame while they sat and "reflected" on their poor choices. And that's just one more reason why I love mirrors! Hehe.

Last week we talked about how to enliven your space with mirrors. Mirrors on the wall are great, but there are other ways to bring those reflective properties into your space as well! If you are feeling lukewarm about wall mirrors consider adding some of the following decorative elements to your space to achieve that small dose of sparkle that every room needs:

1) Take mirrors to the tabletops.
This coffee table by West Elm has an antiqued top, which is perfect for higher traffic areas. The imperfect finish will help to disguise little fingerprints and smudges. The frame for this table is very light and airy which visually does not take up a ton of space making it an ideal option for a tight space. The mirrored top also helps to create the illusion of spaciousness by reflecting light. They also have matching side tables! Score!
Don't want to have a mirror custom cut to fit your table? No worries! Just use a preassembled mirror to top of a table, or in this case...a case. Well, 3 cases to be exact. Just be sure to remove any hardware from the back of the frame first. This will ensure that your new table topper lies flat and does not scratch your table.   cupcakesandcashmere.com

Don't want custom cut mirrors? Don't have a mirror that fits your tabletop exactly? Use a mirrored tray! This would be beautiful placed bedside with a few books and small vase of flowers, or as a base for pillar candles, or even as a makeup/perfume tray in your bathroom.   dreamincream.blogspot.com
2) If your personality is a little more glam (and you are either single or have an amazingly indifferent partner) just go with mirrored furniture! Your narcissistic cat or dog will love you for it as well.
Check out this darling dresser from Anthropologie.
Here is an option that is lighter visually and lighter on the checking account as well. This is for the glam girl in training. Check it out at jossandmain.com
What girl wouldn't feel like a princess do her makeup at this vanity? Check out an array of custom vanities at horchow.com
Can't get that burly husband of yours to agree to a mirrored dresser? Maybe he will agree to this mirrored bench instead. Consider it a fair trade for his Payton Manning Fathead wall decal you begrudgingly let him display in your garage/man cave.  Ugh...Men....
3) Convert a piece of furniture you already own into a glorious "OMG where did you get that???" piece. Haha, jokes on them; they can't buy it anywhere because its a one of a kind made by yours truly! Suckers!
Old doors + glass replaced with mirrors = fabulous!
Give your kitchen, bathroom, laundry, etc a major face lift by replacing inner panels with mirrors! This will also make a cramped space feel larger, and is a nice alternative to clear glass if you have cluttered cabinets. Clear glass is gorgeous if you have perfectly organized shelves with pretty pieces to showcase, but if you have baby bottles, china plates, and waffle irons crammed into one cabinet like me, you make not want the whole world to know it! Solution- MIRRORS.  thedecorista.com
Here is an example of a DIY mirrored dresser. Its like botox for furniture! A mini face lift on a budget! Paint a dresser, buffet, or nightstand. Have a hardware store cut mirrored panels to size. Drill holes for your hardware, and attach to the drawers with mirror glue! If you have children you can also have the edges buffed so they aren't sharp. bhg.com
This armiore may have already had the mirrored inserts, but you could easily recreate this look by adding inserts to an existing piece!    myparadissi.com
4) Ok, maybe options 1,2, and 3 are a little too much for you to take on right now. Maybe your Inner Craft Diva doesn't want to come out and play today, or maybe you are pinching pennies to buy your kids yet another game system they will probably get bored with in 2 weeks for Christmas. Treat yourself to some mirrored tabletop accessories in the meantime!
Table top frames are a gender neutral enough to keep  your husband from throwing a little baby hissy fit. Purchase these at West Elm.
These antiqued mirrored bath accessories are TDF! (that's To Die For...not to be confused with DTF which is a whole other acronym) The jewelry boxes would be beautiful on a nightstand as well.   jmpiersdesigns.com
Incorporating reflective pieces helps create movement within a space and makes it feel alive. When you walk around, your movement is reflected in the mirrored pieces throughout the room and it makes the whole room feel engaged and interactive. Its like the room is dancing with you. I love the idea of your home feeling like a living, breathing thing rather than a dead space who's only purpose is to store your junk.

Anyone seen the commercial where the lady comes home and her accessories are talking to her??? I love that one! I think it might be a TJMaxx commercial. I wish my house would talk to me...it would probably just beg me to clean it more often. Anyhow, I challenge you to liven up one room of your house this week with mirrored pieces and see how different it makes you feel when you walk in the room.

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