Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Get Real, Martha...

Martha, Martha....
While thumbing through the Christmas edition of Martha Stewart Living, my brain churning away like The Little Engine that Could, I squealed with delight at all of the glorious Christmas crafts and decorating ideas. My joy was short lived...Hand made felt house shoes. Precious! Felt for one pair (as pictured) $18.99 per 18x18 inch square. Glittered PAPER star. Spectacular. Its paper for Pete's sake! Paper for one star (as pictured) $26.00. That doesn't include the $15.00 glitter fee.

And my favorite- Tartan plaid stockings. Plaid-tastic. At $53.00 per yard, that Morlich tartan wool better come in a box with Gerard Bulter straight from Scotland. I'd tap that, I mean craft that.

Now, nobody adores Martha Stewart more than I do. What she lacks in personality, she more than compensates for in creativity. But doesn't Martha know that us crafters be po' folks? If we could afford to spend $41.00 plus tax and shipping on supplies to make a paper star, we wouldn't be making it ourselves, lady! We would be haulin our botoxed booties down to Green Hills Malls in our Lexus' and buying one of everything they have at Restoration Hardware. Darn you, Martha Stewart. Darn you....

Now of course I am being a bit extreme. Of course you can always modify these crafts to accommodate a true crafter's budget. But of course Martha gets to use fabulous supplies from fabulous vendors to make her projects look "truly special". Even Baby Jude is jealous. Gag! If you are a Craft Diva on a budget, there is still hope my friend. I want to share some of my favorite holiday crafts using simple, affordable materials, and today we will use canvas!

Canvas Pillow Covers:
Forget the fabric store! I just bought a MASSIVE dropcloth at Lowe's for less than $10.00 and it has provided me with enough canvas to make 8 pillows. Canvas has great texture and color, and at that price you can afford to make a few oopsies along the way.

Click here for a step by step tutorial! These particular pillows were made with glittered spray paint and the letters were cut out on a Cricut machine. However, you can use an $.89 tube of acrylic craft paint and cut our your own words or designs on cardstock to make your stencils. For added simplicity, make your pillow covers with an envelope closure in back. No zippers to sew in, and you can easily slip them over existing pillows!
Don't want to fool with paint? Use Sharpies!
These pillows were also embellished with paint. If you don't have a Cricut, here is a tutorial on making stencils using freezer paper. I also love the idea of snow flakes because they can be used all winter long!
Use craps of fabric to make simple silhouettes. Back your fabric with Heat N Bond for a "no sew" quickie. Or stitch around the edge of your silhouettes. Did you know you can cut fabric out on your Cricut machine??? Just apply the Heat N Bond to the back of your fabric (do not remove the paper backing yet) Then place the fabric on your Cricut as you would with regular paper. Cut the design or words of your choice! No more hand tracing and cutting appliques!  
Canvas Stockings:
Durable and timeless! Follow this tutorial for step by step instructions to make your very own stockings.  
Save on canvas, splurge on velvet for the cuff!
Make the kiddos a Santa Sack. For a sentimental touch, have the kids stamp their handprints on the bag every year so you can see how much they grow from year to year. Sniffle, too fast....
Here's the "How To"
Canvas Tree Skirt:
DROOL! Follow this NO SEW tutorial from HGTV. Yes, I said NO SEW!!!
Not feeling crafty today? Here's a little cheat- buy this one on Etsy!
One product, endless possibilities. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Martha. ( I talk a big game, but don't look at my DVR. I have like 10 episodes of monotone, crafting pleasure to catch up on tonight while I wrap presents!) Tune in to future posts for more multipurpose craft inspirations!

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Jenny Williams said...

Love this Laura! I want to make some pillows, love the ones you made.

I do think you are growing into the new thrifty Martha :)