Monday, July 25, 2011

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Here are some links to find more painting inspiration:

House Beautiful's Paint Color Trends
White walls are crisp and airy. They work best when your walls and ceiling have lots of textural interest. Notice the stone fireplace and exposed beams on the ceiling. Yummy!!!!
 Check out this AMAZING blog by Pretty Handy Girl for a tutorial on how to transform outdated textured/popcorn ceilings and brighten your space.
Wow......what a difference! The textured ceiling absorbs more of the natural light, while the smooth ceiling brightens the room significantly. If you are fortunate enough to custom build a home, please consider paying the extra upfront to have smooth ceilings- so much fresher, versatile, and up to date.
If you are environmentally conscious (you are the BEST!) and if you love fresh, clean air for your family, consider these Low VOC paints by PPG Porter Paints

If you are torn about what kind of paint finish to use in different rooms, check out this helpful site also provided by Porter Paints.
I <3 the Pure Performance line.  NO VOCS!!! And extremely durable. Perfect for a family with little ones. Your children will have clean air to breathe, and you will have fingerprint free walls to boot!
All this talk about paint this week has made me want to bust out the rollers and make some magic happen! Changing the paint colors in your home can completely give you a different look. If you are house hunting, please do not let someone's poor taste in paint colors prevent you from seeing the true potential that a home my have. If a house has good bones, a professional painter can take care of that ugly duckling in no time! There are so many great professionals out there that are hurting for business right now. I promise you, by the time you pay for the paint, rollers, tape, brushes, drop cloths, the list goes on and on and could have paid a pro to come in and tackle the job in just a few days. A good quality job makes all the difference in the world. If you frequent my blog, I'm sure it won't take you long to discover I have a recurring theme: Do it once, do it right, and you won't regret it!

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