Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My Drool of the Week

Ok, so still on the topic of walls, I have to confess one of my biggest obsessions: horizontal wood paneling. This ain't your grandma's 70's paneling for sure, so don't let the stigma scare you! A friend and I were talking about using shades of white on walls a while back. She loved it. I wasn't sold on the idea. White walls just reminded me of a blank canvas waiting for something more exciting to happen. Then she challenged me to look through all of my favorite decorating magazines and take note on how many of the spaces had white walls (or shades of white). Holy cow...she was right! But these walls didn't look like blank canvases at all! What made them different? TEXTURE!!! The spaces that had super light walls still had loads of visual interest because they were not covered with your typical, smooth dry wall. Wainscoting and wide plank wood paneling look amazing when painted white! Here are some inspirational rooms that I daydream of for my own home someday:
Talk about a stairway to heaven! 
Come on in? Well, if you insist!

These walls aren't stark white, but have a subtle blue tint. 
Perfect for any room in the house.
Now I know I preach about resale value, so note that the title of this post is called "My Drool of the Week." I am well aware that making upgrades of this caliber may not be appropriate for every home, mine included! Sigh.....someday....My personal justification for it is its durability. Hopefully we will have a house full of heathen children and wood paneled walls in the near future! If you need justifications of your own, here are some more: easy to install, adds depth and character to bland spaces, can easily be repainted, can add value to your home. Just be mindful of surrounding property values before you tackle large scale renovations in your own home. You don't want to go overboard and be in the hole when you resale! I guess for now, I will just have to add wood paneling to my ever-growing wish list of wants for my dream home. If you want to have your own drool today, check out www.pinterest.com to search for inspiring photos and "pin" them to your own idea board. All of today's images were collected there!

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